Our Products:-


1. Boilers:- Our boilers have the highest safety rating in its class since 1983, Zero explosion, Zero collapse, highest international standards which ensure our quality steam services the industry for generations.

  Our Successfuly installation & commissioning of boilers are currently serving Tea, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Paper, Confectionary, Oil and other sectors today.

    We take steam quality seriously, hence  our service engineers team look at 4 stages to deliver efficient output of steam.

First stages :- Steam Generations ie boiler,

Second stage:- Steam Distribution ie Mainline Steam Piping,

Thrid Stage:- Steam Utilization ie. Steam traps for process equipment. and

Final Stage:- Condensate recovery system which recycles the hot water back in boiler.

With our technology and dedication we have successfully installed over 60 boilers in East Africa


2. Burners:- With ever growing prices of furnace oil and other fuels, The maximum efficiency of a burner depends on the tuning and maintainence of it. Our team has successfully commissioned Saacke rotary cup burners, Nuway Nozzle type burners, Riello, Weishaupt, Oilon, combustion and OEM burners according the manufacturers manual guidelines.

    Currently all burners and spares are imported from various parts of the world. Hence we believe that delivering spares in quickest time during breakdown is most important when there are no standby available. We have most spares handy and incase there is a spare which is needed then we have corporate accounts with DHL services, Aramex to import the spares direclty which reduce downtime.


3. Boiler Room & Inhouse Fabrication:- To continue keeping our boiler safe and efficient we provide the structural, foundation drawings and assistance. We also manufacture tanks for condensate recovery , storage tanks, Chimneys as per NEMA norms. So that we have a maximum pollutant free surroundings around the boiler. We provide Dust Collectors to elimatinate ash, carbon and other harmful before the smoke is exhausted through the chimney. Secondly Our boiler is recommended to have an Air/Water Preheater which improves the overall efficiency of the boiler by almost 6%.This simply means a savings and payback investment which shall serve you for generations.


4. Steam Turbines & Cogeneration: Currently we are in the final phase of installing our first 500kw turbine alongwith a 12ton 37kg/cm2 boiler in Kiptagich Tea Factory. After the completion of this project kiptagich shall generate its own power and at the same time supply steam energy to its Tea Machinery with this same project. This Dual Purpose Cogeneration boiler is one of its kind in East Africa. And we shall update this progess  very soon.


5. Water Treatment Solutions:- We have recently collabrated and partnered with Loyli and Marcuras water treatment who have their products running in East africa for a decade. We have acquired couple of projects  RO 6000 ltrs alongwith MBBR, Tube settler to provide pure and quality water solutions in East Africa.


6. Effluient Water Treatment, Sewage Water Treatment:- With worldwide growing concerns of hazardous industrial waste water concerns, Our technology consists of various products such as Clarifier, Clariflocculators, Grit Seperators, Thickener, Flocculator, Mixer, Grit seperator, Oil Skimmer, Aerator, Tube settler, Sandfilter, Carbon Filter, Ultra Filtration system, Mechanical Bar Screens, Drive Heads, MBBR, Feeding and Conveyor Systems Sbr.

     With this technology we are able to solve raw water treatment, Effluinet water Treatment, Sewage water Treatment and Zero discharge plants. So our enviroment is more eco friendly.


7. Boiler chemicals:- We supply a wide range of Boiler and Water Treatment chemicals. Our chemicals are Non corrosive and enviroment friendly, Our range include oxygen scavanger, water softner resins and all other chemicals which are required. We are currently offering Introductary prices on first come first serve basis. So please contact us with your requirements and see the difference in the water quality.


8. Conveyers & Packaging:- We built all types of feed conveyers for multi purpose and heavy duty use. Wood, Coal, Quary, baggase or any other application we can design manufacture and install the conveyor with required drive to give you labour free and hassle free feeding.

      Our packaging includes FFS, bags, and other products with spares and serive back up for life.


9. Spares, Pumps & Instrumentation:- Our Service Team has depended on these factors to serve our products for years. We ensure to keep stock spares for our clients or import genuine parts directly from the manufacturer with DHL or aramex services, hence reducing dowtime is our highest priority. We have supplied Grundfoss, CNP, WILO & OEM pumps which are serving on various fluid applications today.

    Some of Our spares and instumentation list includes, Flowmeters, Pressure reducing station, Valves, ID & FD fans vibration balancing monitoring, Steam and water analysis, Emission combustion monitor and anaiysis, Water & Process analysis, Gauges, Controls, Turnkey projects and special customised products.




      Boiler Specifications


Boiler capacity:- 300kg/hr - 40 TPH/hr

Boiler pressure:- 3kg/cm2- 80kg/cm2

Boiler Types:- Composite, Smoke tube,water tube, Packaged type, Bidrum, Membrane Panel, Thermic Fluid.

Fuel type:- Furnace oil, Gas, Wood, Waste fuel, bagasse, any other fuel sample shall be tested for calorforic value.

Compatible Burners- Saacke, Nuway, Oilon, Weishaupt, Combustion, Riello and OEM.

Boiler Additional Accessories: Air preheater, Water preheater, Dust collector, Chimney, Water Tanks, Spares.

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Keeping any machinery to its optimum performance level is our priority. We have regular visits and checks which ensure that any problem is solved immediately.

  We Provide annual maintanence contracts for Thermic fluid, Oil Fired, Wood fired and OEM boilers. We have a wide range of easy to use tube cleaners tool, Soot cutters, Nozzle cleaners, special chemicals and treatments which make regular maintainence of your boiler very easy. Its simple so even your boiler operator could perform them.

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We provide water treatment solutions from small scale to large scale industries. Our RO plants range from 100 ltrs to 20,000 litres/hr.

   Other Products include, Softners, Demineralization plants, ACF, PCF, PSF and other filter elements.

   On Large Industrial ETP, STP we have a complete turnkey solution from 50,000 litres - 10 million litres per day treatment.

   We provide wholesale bulk chemical prices on oxygen scavanger, all in one chemicals, and other special client requirements